Kiehl’s men’s grooming products are so simple to use, we had to find a new way to explain how to use them.
So we mansplained the products to men (that's when you overexplain things).


Kiehl’s will place ads in barber shops, gyms, and tattoo parlors, because men go to those places and we have products that are needed for hair, armpits, and tattoos.

Barber Shop Poster1.png
Gym Poster.png

AirBNB Sampling

With the millennial male opting for AirBnb over hotels, we will provide travel size samples to AirBnb hosts. Those are like regular products, only smaller.

Mock Up.jpg

You-Tube Pre-Roll

Beauty vlogs are, like, when you take a video of yourself using beauty products and put it online. We made those with men, but they’re ads.
If it looks like this was made with a simple computer webcam in a guy’s apartment, instead of a set, it’s because it was (and that’s on purpose).

My CREATIVE process

Kiehl's stores feature a vibrant color palette, pop-art, and neon signs. Their storefronts were used as inspiration when developing this campaign's design concept.


Art Director: Margaret Homer
Copywriter: Sydney Lindsey