Laffy Taffy

The laughs are dying! No one is submitting jokes to Laffy Taffy anymore because they have to be mailed in. So have we just been reading the same jokes over and over? Have we been laughing less than we could be? Laffy Taffy wants to bring the jokes back.



Black and white "Taffy" would start to appear in bags of Laffy Taffy. As the epidemic spreads, full black and white bags would appear in the candy aisle. 

Laffy Taffy Bag.png
Black White Laffy Taffy - Back.png
BW Aisle.jpg


If you thought you could get a laugh from the Laffy Taffy Twitter page, you'd be wrong. 


microsite for Joke Submissions

Mailing jokes is out, online submissions are in. Laffy Taffy lovers can bring the color and laughter back by submitting their jokes from their phone.

Microsite Mock Up - Front.png
Microsite Mock Up - Back.png

Art Director: Maggie Homer
Copywriter: Lamar Phillips