With more people choosing to commute by bike, Waze will add "Bike Mode" to their app to help increase safety for cyclists.

Brand extension


When bicyclists check in on Bike Mode, digital bike counters on traffic lights will be updated, making drivers aware of how many cyclists are on the road. Bike lanes would be painted to remind cyclists to check in. 

Traffic Light Counter.png
Bike Lane Mock Up.jpg

CitiBike Partnership

Waze would partner with Citibike to encourage bike renters to check in on Bike Mode before riding, increasing safety for inexperienced riders.

Bike Map.png
Bike Station.png

*This campaign was submitted to D&AD in March 2018. On August 11, 2018, Waze introduced "Waze Motorcycle Mode" for motorcycles, bicycles and mopeds.*

Art Director: Margaret Homer
Copywriter: Taylor Brookhouse